Website Setup 

The website is designed so anyone comfortable working with computers can update the information. Browse through some of the main areas of interest below.
  • Add Content

    See the different ways you can add content to your website

  • Update Your Menu

    We give you full control of your menu so you can add the pages you want

  • Add Images

    Add some great images to your website to really stand out

  • Add a Documents Page

    Post documents to make available to your teams

  • Setup Walkthrough

    Let us walk you through setting up your website

  • Copy Data

    Tools that help you copy over data from one event to another

  • Participant Quick Links

    Items/Tasks you want to show as options for your participants.

How do I navigate the manual?

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We've broken the guide down into separate sections to make finding the information you want a bit easier. Once you make a selection, we will present you with a number of topics of interest under that section. You can click on each one of those to keep drilling down to get more information.

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